Grilling in Ireland

When you think about Ireland and food, grilling probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.  For me, it’s generally potatoes followed by beef stew.  Grilling however is actually really starting to boom in Ireland recently.  Almost all of the popular grills you’ll find in the United States are now for sale in Ireland with demand only continuing to increase.

In fact, one of the largest bbq competitions is actually held in Ireland.  The world cup barque championship.  If you’re interested, we’d suggest reading more about it here.

If you’re from Ireland or just looking to find the best grill and accessories, we have some recommendations we think you’ll love.  Generally speaking, our favorites products are made by Weber.  Nothing compares to the quality and innovation they offer.

weber1481001#1 Charcoal Grill: Weber 1481001
There are lots of reasons to make this our favorite grill but we’ll stick to the big reason.  Most notable is the 22.5″ grilling surface on this charcoal grill.  This leaves you with plenty of room to get everything you need on at one time.  It also features a gas assist start, making lighting easier then ever.  Since this grill is priced around $350 it’s important to make sure you product it, so make sure you pick up the Weber 7455 grill cover too.


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