Irish Wedding Decorations – How to Make the Special Day Memorable

weddingirishWedding themes have always been the magical way to make sure brides are able to relive their childhood fantasies. Every bride wants to meet her handsome prince on this special day, and capture the beauty of the extravaganza forever. Over the years, the decor ideas for weddings have evolved. However, Irish weddings are still as popular as they were hundreds of years ago.

Irish wedding decorations give you the perfect opportunity to let your enthusiasm and creativity flow when designing the most special and biggest day of your life. When it comes to planning a wedding, you can choose from many different options. From table skirts related to your dessert tables to a DJ playing Celtic songs, everything needs to be special.

Irish wedding decorations give you a chance to throw a successful wedding that’s memorable for everyone. A lot of hard work and time goes into planning the perfect wedding. Therefore, you need to consider various factors. In this post, we have discussed some elements of a successful Irish theme wedding.

Irish Wedding Bells

One of the most important elements of an Irish theme wedding are the Irish wedding bells. At the wedding, the bride and groom ring the bell, and keep it in their new household. You can even give some smaller versions of these bells as gifts to your guests. Whenever the partners argue in their married life, they are supposed to ring the bell, and remind each other of their vows.

Wearing of Kilts

When it comes to Irish weddings, men are supposed to wear kilts. In some Celtic weddings, the bride may wear a tartan sash over the wedding dress. The color or pattern should match the groom’s kilt.

Irish Wedding Dances

An Irish wedding reception is never complete without Irish dances. In most weddings, the festivities end when the groom seizes and carries off the bride. Everything is done in good fun and joyously. However, Irish weddings are never complete until the groom has danced with the bride, and the guests watch them share a special bond of love.

Wedding Cakes

In most Irish weddings, the cakes are fruit cakes. If you don’t like fruit cakes a lot, you can decide to make your own top layer of the cake. You can use your favorite flavor. Irish weddings use fruits cakes to signify prosperity and wealth. The top layer of the cake is saved until the last. In addition to this, the Irish cuisine is also delicious and gives you a chance to enjoy the delightful delicacies from this part of the world.

Table Decorations

Last but not the least, Irish weddings look quite different from regular weddings. White is not the dominant color for table decorations. In most Irish weddings, you will see green linen properly tied up with table skits and clips. High quality table skirts and clips can hold off the linen without any problems.

When you want your special day to be memorable for the rest of your life, an Irish theme wedding will prove to be your best choice. Just make sure you choose a reputed company for decorations. Whether you consider table skirts or wedding cakes, a professional company will offer high quality service and products.

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