Top 6 Places In Ireland For First Time Travelers

travel-to-ireland8Ireland has an impeccable reputation when it comes to tourism. So, first time visitors always know what to expect. But, there is always something more than stereotypical charms that you may not be able to know before you actually step on to that land. Skip the bus tours and find better places to visit and things to do to make your Ireland experiences more fulfilling. .


6 Places Must Visit For First Timers

1. Literary Dublin
Irish are not just famous for their musical shows, but this place has also brought up many wizards of the written world, claiming four winners of Nobel Prize for Literature. Here you can browse books, manuscripts and letters from some great writers of the history and present times. You can also listen to several evocative audio recordings available in Georgian mansion housing, also known as the “Dublin Writers Museum”. Then move to beautiful Old Library at Trinity College, which is home to the Book of Kells, dated back to 800 AD.

2. Killarney National Park
Killarney National Park is located in the vibrant town of Killarney, County Kerry. It is a wonderland of lakes, woodlands and mountains. The wildlife area in the park is spread across 10,236 hectares that is home to Ireland’s only remaining wild herd of red deer, living at this place for the last 12,000 years. Other wildlife excursions include rare insects, fish and birds like sea eagle (white tailed). Beyond the park boundary, you will also see glorious and majestic mountain pass – Gap of Dunloe.

3. Galway City
Galway City is situated on a wide-arcing bay on west coast of Ireland. It makes an excellent trip to explore wind-swept Aran Islands and rugged Connemara region. The city is not just all about sightseeing and excursions. You can also enjoy the nightlight here with plenty of options of pub, where you will find some or the other popular Irish band playing every night to entertain the visitors.

4. The Rock of Cashel
Do not go by the name, the Rock of Cashel is not just a rock. Standing on a green-hill rising from the plains of County Tipperary, it is a historic treasure trove from ancient times. This is a religious structure that includes a 12th century made Romanesque chapel and a 13th century Gothic cathedral. However, the history of this rock dated back to many 1000 years. It was a symbol of prestige, power and seat of kings who ruled the region.

5. Trad
Trad or traditional Irish music is the heart of all the pubs in the country. The very small village of Doolin, County Clare is touted as the centre of the Irish music. Here you will experience lively and informal sessions of heart-breaking ballads and upbeat jigs played with fiddles, bodhráns, tin accordions, and whistles.

6. Brú Na Bóinne
Predating Egyptian pyramids and Stonehenge, Brú Na Bóinne situated in the County Meath is a stunning testament of achievements of humans in prehistoric times. This amazingly crafted necropolis also includes the passage tomb, designed in the Stone Age with a chamber that gets abundance of sunlight on the winter solstice.


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